Ishq Hai Tumse-2004 [mp3]

This is the story of two friends - one Hindu and the other Muslim. Their friendship is a unique example of religious tolerance and national integrity. Their families are so close to each other that they look like one big happy family, without bothering about their different religions.

Once when the families meet each other during a marriage ceremony, the youngest son of the Hindu friend (Dino Morea) falls in love with the youngest daughter of the Muslim friend (Bipasha Basu). It is almost love at first sight. A few days pass off without the lovers expressing their feelings. When Dino is supposed to go back home, he makes an endeavor to express his love to Bipasha. But at this juncture, his father falls ill and is hospitalized due to kidney failure. Mighty friendship between the lovers' fathers turns mightiest when Bipasha's father donates his kidney to save Dino's father from premature death.

With this Dino realizes the depth of friendship between the two friends and fears that if he expresses his love for Bipasha, it may lead to the breakup of friendship between the two friends. So he keeps his love for Bipasha to himself and does not say a word to any one. The boy turns gloomy while the girl is abstained by her shyness to express her feelings. The lovers part forlorn. The alienated lovers meet once again, but the time is already up as its Bipasha's marriage. Will the Hindu boy be able to express his love to the Muslim girl? Will their parents accept their love and agree to their marriage? That's what the climax deals about.

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01 Dil Dil Dil Download
02 Ishq Hai Tumse Download
03 Main Ne Tumse Pyaar Ker Liya Download
04 Aap Jaise Download
05 Lutf De Gayi Download
06 Dard-e-Dil Ki Dawa Download
07 Ishq Hai Tumse – Part 2 Download


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