Top 23 Bollywood sad songs

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01 kabhi alvida naa kehna - title.mp3
02 parineeta - suna man ka aangan.mp3
03 parineeta - raat hamari to.mp3
04 veer - zaara - do pal.mp3
05 veer - zaara - tere liye.mp3
06 kal ho naa ho - title.mp3
07 kal ho naa ho - kal ho naa ho(sad).mp3
08 akele hum akele tum - dil mera churaya kyon.mp3
09 akele hum akele tum - aisa zakham diya hai.mp3
10 dil chata hai - tanhayee.mp3
11 chalte chalte - chalte chalte.mp3
12 baghban - main yahan tu wahan.mp3
13 dil ne jise apna kaha - dil ne jise apna kaha.mp3
14 hum dil de chuke sanam - hum dil de chuke sanam.mp3
15 hum dil de chuke sanam - tadap tadap.mp3
16 hum kisi se kum nahin (old) - kya hua tera wada.mp3
17 kaho naa pyar hai - Kaho na pyar hai (sad).mp3
18 kuch kuch hota hai - kuch kuch hota hai (sad).mp3
19 main hoon na - main hoon na (sad).mp3
20 bas ek pal - tere bin.mp3
21 rehna hai tere dil mein - zara zara.mp3
22 ghulam - ab naam mohabbat.mp3
23 jaan e mann - sau dard.mp3


i lost my luv............ i did so much 4 her bt fnally i lost her........ its hard 2 c u go urvashi ...... ;((((((((((((((((((((((((

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First love.........cannot be matched!!!!!!!!!!

There wil b sm1 waiting 4u..wanting ur love..dnt wry! Jst dnt mis d 1persn hu loves u d way u loved her :)

So sad but some day you will get back her....coz true love never can just goes away for some time....and comes back to you as another one...Urwashi will remain in you a angel......

I dont deserve to be anyone's friend thats why I lost my friendship.....dont know who will be my friend....

Gays i also lost my love she dont want me any more i m very sad

Love is a realli strange thing, It can made you do things you never thawt u wud do but in the end the only thing that matters is weather or not it was all worth it. I'm in love with sum1 who doesn't love me the same as I love her n I wish I never ever loved.......zaheer

Never expect any thing in return when u love someone......if our love is true they always be wid us in our memory and heart.......even I love someone knowing that I will never get my love........

The worst feeling is when you’re close to someone but they have someone who they will always like more than they like you

love always hurts !! :( ..... nd its hurt when u trust ur love brking all limitations of urs nd in last it will definately brk all trust , all promises nd all relations :( ....

today i lost my sweet herat

I couldn't ever tell my feelings for the person I loved. Today I'm listening to these songs and crying my heart out.

feelings poured out hearing to these felt if something lightened the burden on my heart.....ppl pls...dnt stp ur lives fr i moves on...and so should us.....if we were perfect for i another...we should never have parted....these songs...only tells wht our hearts cnt..loudly..

Lmao....u think love is something from heaven...u r wrong my is a kind of mutual is a feeling in which try to make urself best match for the other partner...and if u loose her/him it's not your fault...either their is lack of understanding between u 2...or else she/he was just using fill their empty space...

Regarding this list of song...these are good but not the best search is unfinshed on this page...:(

Four years passed....but i still i can't forgot her...!!!
She doesn't gave a single reason to look me back..Or may be i don't have a single reason to look forward...Seems like Life paused for years............or it may be finished years ago!!!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

hey uniquei have a suggestion for u , dont be like that if she ever loved u or u had an important role in her life the even so she is yours but if not there is someone who is waiting for u,i had a break up lastly i still love her,i dont want to forget her and i dont want to leave her i cant stop thinking about her, no matter what problem i have, yesterday i it was my brothers birthday but i coudnt have second sweet because without her i dont feel like celebrating ,,but now i have decided that i will definitly find the one who has been waiting for me since her whole life,,no matter how many times i have to bear that pain ,,it was hard to decide,but now i did and i will do it no matter what it takes...
but dont ever get mad on her bcoz what she did , my frnzkept saying that abuse her and scold her ,,,,but i took a responsebility that i would chage her and if she is the one i will get her back even if i have to put my life on the stake.even so i knew when she lied to me but i didt say anything to her......bcoz i made her think that i wouldnt understand her it was my fault it was my first relationship with someone......

Today I am in tears not because I lost my love, but because I am afraid of loosing her. I don't wanna loose her, she is my soul, my heartbeat n I don't want it to pause for a single second also. I am nothing without you my angel. Love you always more than skyways.

what the fuck zara zara-rhtdm is sad song

same here.. i too love some1 knowing he ll nvr b mine... n i gues this s wat true love is.

do pal ruka khwbo ka karwa nice song

Yup they will someone surely waiting for u. So don't be sad... Nothing is permanent in life neither happiness nor pain. This will also pass away soon good luck for ur life

I wish this was true DAT true love never lost. But this is not true for me. My love is gone and I still miss DAT tym deadly

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